Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Growing up in New York City, “firearms” and “guns” weren’t exactly terms I heard about often. I had a few family members that were police officers, however it still wasn’t something we all talked about at family gatherings. I never really gave much thought to firearms or even my own self defense; until one year I had do. I got myself into a relationship that was not good for me to say the least. It showed me how important self defense and empowerment truly were. So I started to learn.

I got into a career field that truly helped me with that. I started working as an emergency medical technician in NYC and then became a paramedic, which is my current day.. uh night job. Soon after I was thrown into the world of firearms, and I fell head over heels. My aunt had recently gotten into shooting so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to learn as well as get closer to her. I started going to her house upstate where I just kept learning and feeding my hunger to this amazing new world of guns.

It was then I discovered that firearms was no longer just a hobby for me, it had become my passion. I wanted to learn, I wanted to teach, I wanted to do as much as I could. I started teaching on Long Island and it wasn’t long before I wanted more. I started looking at why I couldn’t carry a firearm where I lived. No matter where I looked, NYC wasn’t going budge. I have now made it my mission to be politically involved in as much as I can when it comes to gun control in NYC, NY and The United States.

I also wanted to reach out to women who may still feel this is just a “guys world”. I want to be that place where women can go and gain the confidence to walk out onto the range and shoot. And Girls Got a Gun was born. I have met and been around so many amazing women in this industry who have amazing stories of their own, and I wanted to begin to share mine. So, here it is.

Now that you’ve heard my story, LET’S SHOOT!

One thought on “Allow Me to Introduce Myself

  1. Hey Lauren I got my permit! Ready to learn. My uncle taught me to shoot many years ago upstate on his farm. I loved it. Did some shooting at a range in PA. many years ago
    I’m excited to start again.

    Keep me posted on events, training, etc.


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