I am the Face of America

Women empowerment comes in many different forms. As a victim of domestic violence and an abusive relationship, I have learned what it means to be empowered and to have that feeling taken away. Shooting to some people may not mean as much as it does to the next person, it may mean more. I have learned that my right as an American citizen to be able to protect myself is the most important right I have. And no one will ever take that away. I was interviewed by Pierre Gervois, reporter for Gervios News which is an online based news channel.

Three Sides to Every Story

The old saying “there’s always three sides to every story” has never held more truth. I was recently interviewed by Hannah Jiang, a graduate student at Columbia Journalism School. Her assignment was to interview two people with conflicting views on one subject. After reading her paper and reading her interview with another women who is an advocate for more gun control, one thing became very clear to me. There needs to be more logical and reasonable conversation from both sides. I’ve attached the completed paper she had sent me and I encourage you to read it. You’ll find that the opposing argument seems to be more against gang violence than gun violence, but of course it pushes for more gun control rather than actually solving the underlying issue. As a medic, I treat people with illnesses everyday. We have many medications that can stabilize a plethora of medical conditions. As a medical professional, we look for the underlying condition. I

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