About Us


Growing up in NYC, one doesn’t expect them to come out with a passion for firearms. But for Lauren Hartnett, it’s where she fell in love with the sport. She began shooting 10 years ago when she began visiting her aunt in Hudson, N.Y. She quickly immersed herself into the world of shooting and strode to learn as much as she could about it. Being from The City, there wasn’t many outlets for her to reach to so she began to research and find as much information as she could. After taking her first NRA class, she knew that she wanted to help educate and empower American Citizens on their Second Amendment Right and soon after she began studying and became an NRA Certified Instructor.

She began instructing at Dynamic Firearms Training on Long Island and loved that she was able to reach people and spread her love and knowledge of shooting. She focused on training women and reaching out to more women. She became involved in the Women’s Concealed Carry Fashion Show in Hudson New York with her Aunt Trish and began networking.


The more the world of firearms engulfed her, the more she began to research and learn about the laws in her home city. She began getting politically involved and invested in the Second Amendment and the preservation of her right as an American Citizen. She realized she needed a way to reach more people that shared her passion for firearms. She began teaching on Long Island with Dynamic Firearms Training. She was surrounded by people who shared her passion and helped her learn.

Finally she decided she wanted a larger platform. Girls Got a Gun was born. Compiling her knowledge and the information she was able to come across she decided to put it out on the worlds biggest platform. Women are a huge demographic in the shooting industry now, and they are constantly looking for information, gear, guns and training. And there simply isn’t enough outlets out there for women.


She has recently opened the first organized women’s shooting club in NYC through A Girl & A Gun. This has been another way she has been able to spread the word and educate more women. She has devoted herself to her sport and helping others. The road ahead is long, but she has fully prepared herself to stand up for her Second Amendment Right.