Girls Guide to Carrying

I recently came across a very well written article by gun girl and outdoor enthusiast Beka Garris. Her 5 Rules for Conceal Carry hit the nail on the head with giving pointers to new and experienced shooters. She offers a few options for concealed carry for women both on the body and purse carry. Women tend to have more options and also more to consider when choosing both a firearm and a means of carry (whether that is a holster or a purse/backpack). We also have to consider what kind of clothing we choose to wear.

First she mentions function over fashion, and I couldn’t agree more. Of course we all want to look our best and wear what we want to, but when we make the decision to carry we know we must make our safety our number one priority. Find what works for you. Try different holsters as well as firearms. Shoot as much as you possibly can. When you’re home, try performing your everyday house chores with your holster and your firearm to become comfortable. The constant moving around your home will allow you to become comfortable and give you a better idea of how the holster is going to feel.

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Next she talks about size. Well, it does matter. Again, shoot as many guns as you can until you find what’s best for you. Also think about where you may want to carry your firearm. You may be able to use a larger frame gun for a hip carry, but smaller for appendix or kidney carry. Every person and body is different. Find what fits you best. Again, carrying your firearm as much as possible is the best way to become comfortable with it. Whether you’re in your home, out in your yard, running a few errands or a hike through the woods.

Beka goes on to talk about a few different holsters and carry that work for her. There are a plethora of designs and options for conceal carry for both women and men. The most important factor is to remember to practice. Practice as much as you can. Remember not to only practice shooting. Although that is a major factor, you want to make sure that you can draw your firearm properly first. Ensure your firearm is UNLOADED and practice drawing and re-holstering. You can easily do that in your home and in front of the mirror to ensure stance and drawing are on point.

I can’t explain enough how important it is to practice. Practice at the range, practice at home. Practice wherever you can and as often as possible. You can have the best equipment possible but it will be useless if you don’t know how to use it properly. I’ll leave off with my favorite quote from the one and only Annie Oakley. “I would like to see every woman know how to handle firearms as naturally as they know how to handle babies.”


Read the full article by Beka here:

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