Staten Island and Guns?

So I recently began the membership process for a range close by my house. I figured this will be a great way to shoot more and get more involved in the shooting community. And of course what better way to do this than close to my own home? Well, after poking around, turns out that I’m not the only woman on Staten Island who wants to shoot. This really got me thinking. NYC is known for being anti-gun, but my part in Staten Island is a little bit more open and supportive to the Second Amendment, and preserving it. This is probably the best thing to happen to me since I first held a firearms in my hand. If it’s one thing I learned, women know how to make mountains MOVE. We’re a force to be reckoned with and together we are damn near unstoppable. Just knowing how many women want to get involved in shooting from my hometown is completely inspiring and enlightening. I’m completely optimistic that the more women get involved, the more of a voice we have to start standing up against the constricting, red tape we have on our Second Amendment right. I can hope and pray that one day NYC will see the light and accept the Second Amendment for what it is, but until then I can fight with all my might to make them.

I’ve recently opened myself up to being a source for anyone who wants to know the process in NYC to obtaining a firearms permit (I say firearms because it’s not just pistols you need a permit for but rifles and shotguns as well). I want to be a resource for anyone interested in firearms and explaining how important it is to stand up for this right that is slowly being taken away from us, especially in NYC. I do not expect anyone to blindly jump onto my bandwagon, however I have one message for all of the women who have expressed interest. Listen with open ears and an open heart. Be part of something life changing and securing your freedoms and your rights.

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