Who are you Going to Call? YOURSELF

After watching this video, it is proven to me once again that YOU are your own first responder. No one is going to care about your wellbeing or your life more than yourself, so make sure you are prepared. In regards to this specific video and case, what was there for him to do? Lets take it from the beginning. He is approached by a clearly violent person and is threatened with his life. He did what any reasonable person would do in this situation and tried to defend himself. Being that he was in NYC you can pretty much guarantee that he didn’t have a firearm because he wasn’t allowed to have one, so he did what first came to mind and attempted to subdue him. And after being stabbed 7 times, he was finally able to.

Photo courtesy of http://www.amazon.com

So what can we learn from that? Learn your local laws. Learn how you can defend yourself if you can’t carry a firearm. Pepper spray is an alternative in NYC, but make sure it’s from an authorized dealer, you are at least 18 years old, you have no felonies, and you fill out a purchase form. So basically buying pepper spray in NYC is just as regulated as buying a firearm. Anyway, be prepared. Avoiding confrontation should always be your first thought. However, that is not always possible, especially if you are in an enclosed area or if retreating would make the situation worse.

If you find yourself in that situation where you can’t leave and have no weapons of your own, look around and survey what’s around you if you can. Subways tend to be more limited in resources, but all public buildings have AED’s (they’re hard and can hurt), fire extinguishers, chairs, anything in reach. Do what you need to do to survive.

Photo courtesy of http://www.survivallife.com

First aid, learn it, live it, love it. Learn how to apply a tourniquet and carry it, learn how to stop bleeding and carry supplies to do so. Working in the NYC 911 system, response times are not always in your favor especially in NYC and Manhattan. This man couldn’t depend on police to stop his attacker, so don’t always depend on medics to be your first caregivers (this is coming from a medic). Learn to do it for yourself; time is life when you’re bleeding. Even in places like NYC where there are hundreds of ambulances out on the street at any given moment, put your life in your own hands.


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