Terror Attack in NYC Calls for More Gun Laws

I generally always have to brace myself for the “we need common sense gun laws” chants on social media following every tragedy and killing in the United States. I especially had to prepare after the terrorist attack in NYC the beginning of this month, which in fact did not involve actual firearms. There was an early report that Sayfullo Saipov, after running over 15+ people in NYC, exited his vehicle carrying multiple firearms. This prompted NYPD PO Ryan Nash to shoot at Saipov nine times, after realizing the firearms he was waving around were pellet guns.

Photo courtesy of http://www.cnn.com

This did not stop New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio from praising NYS for some of the “smartest gun laws in the country” and advocating for more. They truly believe that by keeping guns out of NYC (which really means disarming NYC citizens) keeps NYC safer. But again, tell me what gun control has to do with a crazed terrorist renting a work truck and running people over on a Manhattan sidewalk? Because I still haven’t figured it out.

Photo courtesy of http://www.freebeacon.com

NYC is so afraid of an armed population, and Cuomo encourages it. Instead of attacking an inanimate object that wasn’t even involved in that attack, tell me why this animal got away with what he did? Why was he able to accomplish this? Telling me that stricter gun laws are the answer for an attack where no one was shot is vacuous to say the least. Those pushing for stricter gun laws have no idea how constitutionally impeding our current federal laws already are. Let’s face the facts. The laws aren’t enforced. So when someone breaks a law that is already in place regarding firearms, they create more instead of enforcing said “preventative measures”. Too many laws make criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens, and this time its American gun owners.

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