The D.C. Project – Women Fighting for Your Second Amendment

Last year I became part of an organization called the DC Project. The organization came about when Dianna Muller, retired police officer and competitive shooter visited DC on vacation. She met with her legislators and had conversations with them about the Second Amendment. After productive conversation, she thought how much more of an impact could be made if there was this voice and this conversation being had in every other office on Capitol Hill. And so became the DC Project. 50 women form 50 states each having the conversation with their legislators about the 2A.

Being part of this organization, meeting all of these amazing women and hearing their stories has opened my eyes to so much more than what I thought fighting for my Second Amendment right actually was. Being from New York City, it has been one hurdle after another when it comes to gun control and our rights. Being able to have my voice heard, being able to tell my story and why my Second Amendment right is so important to me.

We stand for every woman who deserves to exercise their right to bare arms. For every woman who has been a victim. For every woman who refuses to be one. We have gained an immense amount of support in the last two years that we have been gathering at Capitol Hill, but we still have a long way to go. We have set up a Go Fund Me to help our costs. Every woman that joins us on Capitol Hill uses her own time and finances to be there. By donating or sharing you are helping to give us a louder voice on the Hill and continue to fight for the preservation of our Second Amendment right. Please help us reach our goal so we can continue fighting for you!

Go Fund Me – The DC Project

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