Designed for Women, Made for Women, Led by Women.. Syren Shotguns

SHOT Show is the place where you go to learn about everything new coming to the market. Concept ideas that engineers and manufacturers are coming up with as well as new ways to innovate and get more people involved in the shooting sports. The industry has grown so drastically in the past few years, and part of that is due to the increase in women who are shooting. I’ve mentioned before women are the driving force in the shooting industry right now and companies recognize this. Syren (which is a division of Caesar Guerini and Fabarm) is just one of many that have grasped this concept.

Shotguns made for women and led by women is their motto. After stopping by their booth at SHOT, I was immediately met by one of their women reps. She was informative, friendly and knowledgeable about the firearms. They had their own section and were identified by their signature purple colored labels and shirts.



The first think I noticed about the firearms were their intricate wood design and elaborate engravings into the action. The classic scroll and bouquet patterns are both traditional and elegant. Falling in suit with its big brothers from Caesar Guerini and Fabarm, these firearms feel as beautiful as they look. The first Syren I picked up was the Tempio Trap. The second I put that gun to my shoulder, everything else fell into place. Imagine having a shotgun that was specifically tailored to your body and needs and you have the Syren.

The grips are more ergonomically designed for smaller hands, including length of pull. As well as stocks that account for the anatomical differences between a man and a woman. The combs have also been designed to fit comfortably and require less adjusting. The firearm is was also incredibly light considering my initial thought. At 8lbs 6oz, it’s slightly heavier than the average Benelli, but that may be a proven a positive considering there’s more weight to absorb recoil.

The prices of these firearms start at a steep $1,835 MSRP, but are well worth the money. The quality of these shotguns is a cut above the rest. Strong, durable, made to last for years and handed down generation after generation. If that weren’t enough, they also come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Service that is second to none.

I haven’t the opportunity to shoot the firearm yet, however Syren has events all over the country. I’m hoping to attend one soon to be able to try some of these gorgeous shotguns. And as soon as I do, you all will be the first to find out. And please, if you have had the opportunity to shoot one of these guns or have one yourself, I want to hear from you!





You can check out all the firearms by Syren here

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