We Want to Protect Our Children, So Let Us

I have learned that there are no truer words than “you know you’re doing good when people start to hate you”. Over the last two days I have been told I’m a lunatic, I’m delusional, I’m afraid of my own shadow, I have a hero complex, I should be shot with my own guns, I don’t need a gun to defend myself, learn self defense instead (last I checked the Second Amendment literally started the definition of self defense) and a plethora of other colorful threats and insults. This hasn’t deterred me. This is the most vocal I’ve been in a 2A argument, and rightfully so. From the very people who are accusing gun owners of being violent and not caring about the lives of others are the ones who wish us death. Ironic.


Let me just say, my heart is broken for Parkland. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and the hurt that they as a community are experiencing. The murdering of innocent lives, children at that, is never an easy tragedy to bear. But with that, we need to heal. We need to build; we need to take measures to ensure the safety of our children. And that does not include banning firearms. The Second Amendment was put in place specifically for this reason; to protect us. Technology is too far-gone to ban anything and for us to truly believe that we can eradicate and object. As long as there are bad guys with guns, I’m keeping mine.


Some of the ideas that have been brought up have been to put police and vets at schools. I’ll be the first to say this is a great start, but it’s not enough. One or two people to cover an entire school are not enough. We need to get rid of “gun free zones”. I toured a college with my boyfriends younger sister this week, and all I could think of is how outside of every building was a sign that said “No Firearms Allowed on any property owned or leased by the university”. As I walked the inside of the buildings I saw signs of what to do in the event of an emergency. The normal were listed, fire, medical emergency so on. And then I saw on the same sheet “A violent person with a firearm or weapon”. But wait, they weren’t supposed to enter the building. The sign told them not to bring firearms into the school. Oh, that’s right. No one was there to stop them, they didn’t care because they were planning on committing much worse of a crime.

120802052407-irpt-gunquotes2-horizontal-galleryWe need to stop treating law abiding gun owners as criminals, including our teachers. There are many teachers who are gun owners and have CCW permits. There are many teachers who would gladly carry at their schools. They are willing to die for their students. They vowed to protect them, so let them. Let us protect our children. Lets us protect ourselves. Stop treating us like we’re the bad guys. We’re capable of protecting our loved ones, and ourselves including those around us. We’re not these horrible, evil monsters that are committing crimes that you perceive us to be. We’re mothers like you, we’re daughters, sisters, husbands, fathers. We would do anything to protect our own. Want to know who we are? Ask us. Have a CONVERSATION with us, not at us. Come with us for a cup of coffee or to the range. Want to fix this? Work with us. When it comes to protection, it’s what we’re good at.

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