Staten Island and Guns?

So I recently began the membership process for a range close by my house. I figured this will be a great way to shoot more and get more involved in the shooting community. And of course what better way to do this than close to my own home? Well, after poking around, turns out that I’m not the only woman on Staten Island who wants to shoot. This really got me thinking. NYC is known for being anti-gun, but my part in Staten Island is a little bit more open and supportive to the Second Amendment, and preserving it. This is probably the best thing to happen to me since I first held a firearms in my hand. If it’s one thing I learned, women know how to make mountains MOVE. We’re a force to be reckoned with and together we are damn near unstoppable. Just knowing how many women want to get involved in shooting from my hometown is

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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Growing up in New York City, “firearms” and “guns” weren’t exactly terms I heard about often. I had a few family members that were police officers, however it still wasn’t something we all talked about at family gatherings. I never really gave much thought to firearms or even my own self defense; until one year I had do. I got myself into a relationship that was not good for me to say the least. It showed me how important self defense and empowerment truly were. So I started to learn. I got into a career field that truly helped me with that. I started working as an emergency medical technician in NYC and then became a paramedic, which is my current day.. uh night job. Soon after I was thrown into the world of firearms, and I fell head over heels. My aunt had recently gotten into shooting so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to learn as well

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